Hi I'm Michelle.
 I live in Los Angeles but I grew up in NJ.
I have 20 years of Makeup experience, 15 years of Skincare & 13 years of Lashes (wowza time flies!)
 I am a Beauty Expert.  I've been on TV, in commercials, home shopping & travelled all across the country sharing beauty.
I LOVE inspiring beauty while sharing tips + tricks/picks.  I will also be sharing (ONLY here) my "behind the scenes" Celebrity Stories.

Michelle Bouse, Beauty Expert

"I want to be remembered
for all the smiles
I inspired
how I made
others feel."

Fun Facts:

1.  I love to Hula Hoop

2.  I love draw + paint Angels

3.  My favorite celebrity I have worked with is Jennifer Garner + Richard Thomas

4.  I am a taylor ham, egg + cheese lover

5.  I am a retired pro dancer (tap, jazz, theater)

6.  I returned to ballroom at 44 yrs. old + now I am training for Pro/Am competitions

7.  Mascara is a MUST and I love a bright lip